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Aim of The Course

Starting from “Fashion is communication” is evident how is important to identify the appropriate way to illustrate a dream, a concept, an idea.

There are many tools that we have at our disposal, at the beginning the “poupées de mode” were transported to the various European courts and show the trends and the fashionable details, over time we moved on to illustrations and fashion sketches, to fashion shows with editorials and display in the shop windows. Nowadays there are many platforms and media: social network, dedicated portals, installations, satellite channels, but the purpose remains the same, reach a predetermined target of the public to affirm and spread a creative, conceptual, aesthetic vision.

Through every expression of real and digital communication, a key part of the success of a brand is measured, this course aims to describe the ways of communication in fashion system, from the most traditional to the most innovative, to show attendees how a brand can interact with the public and convey a message of style.

Enrollment Eligibility

The course is dedicated to various figures who work in the Fashion Industry:


- Creative in Style Area

- Owners of ateliers and tailor’s shop                            

- Patternmakers who have their own business

- Representatives and sellers

- Stylists

- Visual merchandisers

- Marketing offices

- Bloggers and social media operators


Frequency and Duration of the Course

24 total hours

To know in detail plans, specifications and cost download PDF

Duration: 24 hours: 6 lessons of 4 hours

Frequency: On Saturday

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Bologna, Ancona

Starting date:



About Next

Company with historical origins dating back to 1934, Centuries Next Fashion School pursues of continuity in the training of professionals in fashion, the same values, the Commendatore Secoli that widespread culture of traditional tailoring and Italian industrial.
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