80 hours
Specifications and costs

Headquarter Bologna
Frequency On Saturday
Starting Date
Headquarter Ancona
Frequency Weekly
Starting Date
Headquarter Padova
Frequency Weekly
Starting Date

The course aims at improving Patternmakers’ skills, providing them with an appropriate grounding which allow them to know the functions and dynamics of the most popular CAD software in Fashion Business, in order to realize the phases of construction and elaboration of a Fashion collection, in the best and fastest way.

The course will provide attendees with technical/practical knowledge regarding dynamics and functions of Modaris and Diamino  by Lectra operating system. At the end of the Course, attendees will be able to scan and create models, edit and transform them, grade up and down sizes and much more, on screen.

The CAD Patternmaker course enables professional Patternmakers to complete their education and training projecting themselves into future techniques with CAD graphic design. By using Lectra software, all data and information become a ready – to – use project for a new Collection.

It is for those who have good knowledge in industrial patternmaking and fairly good computer skills , and are willing to work on CAD.

80 hours

10 lessons – 8 hours daily

Bologna on saturday

Ancona on friday

Padova on friday

CAD Patternmaking handouts.
Every attendee will be provided with a Graphic workstation

Our Faculty consists of highly – qualified professionals, with several years proven experience in Fashion business.
They’re constantly updated on Fashion and Market Trends and New Technologies.

1) EU Citizens and Switzerland Citizens: a copy of Identity Card ; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of diploma or self – certification; a copy of Social Security Number (SSN) /Tax Code.
2) NON EU Citizens: a passport copy and a Student Visa; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of the Social Security Number (SSN) / Tax Code.

CAD Patternmaking Lectra software
Introduction to CAD software;
know-how and usage of the operating system , tools and external devices;
introduction to Modaris software: – usage of a roll-down menu, functions and operations;
introduction to Diamino software: – usage of pattern tracing boards and icons menu;
pattern tracing method;
creation of folders;
items entry and filing;
digitization / various models entry;
model-transformations: ruffles, sleeves, cuffs, collars etc.;
patterns filing;
tools for creating and transforming models on screen/on a computer;
models industrialization;
creation of measurements charts, various types;
files storage and encoding of measurements charts.


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