80 hours
Specifications and costs

Headquarter Bologna
Frequency On Saturday
Starting Date

Specialized course which aims at getting a closer examination of the main subjects related to Plus Size Womenswear.

In the present market, Plus Size Womenswear represents a large share of the increasing market, that’s why being specialized in Patternmaking is a valuable quality to enter the world of fashion. A Plus Size Patternmaker will be able to design a fashionable and engaging collection to keep up with the times in this ever changing field.

80 hours

10 lessons (8 hours daily)

Students will receive teaching handouts for each course along with paper, cardboard and a kit of useful tools for patternmaking classes such as :a set square, a bradawl and a tape measure.
Some of the classes will be provided with computer facilities.

Our Faculty consists of highly – qualified professionals, with several years proven experience in Fashion business.
They’re constantly updated on Fashion and Market Trends and New Technologies.

1) EU Citizens and Switzerland Citizens: a copy of Identity Card ; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of diploma or self – certification; a copy of Social Security Number (SSN) /Tax Code.
2) NON EU Citizens: a passport copy and a Student Visa; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of the Social Security Number (SSN) / Tax Code.

Course details and subjects:

introduction to construction of basic models;
the ideal measures, the bust or the size;
basic plus size dress with side breast dart and with standard collar;
procedure for increasing sizes (Pattern – grading);
plus size figure: analysis and structure;
specifications charts;
plus size sack – dress base with side breast dart;
standard skirt base for Plus Sizes;
plus size dress base with dart and with standard collar;
plus size jacket base with side seam and shawl collar;
plus size jacket base with reversal side and casual collar;
charts for technical practice in transforming the basic models into the fashion sketches of the programme.


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