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Headquarter Bologna
Frequency On Saturday
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Skilled and competent key – figure, he/she’s able to manage technical and planning problem – solving efficiently.
The Patternmaker must know how to evaluate clothing wearability, create sewing patterns, must be able to control and produce them and follow the prototype – making process. He must also suggest the proper machinery and processing – methods to use in order to optimize work.

Patternmakers are increasingly requested on the market and they must constantly update their know-how to be more competitive.
This course trains Patternmakers who can easily attend classes on saturdays, fulfilling their needs to get a serious training, without interfering with their professional life during the week.

To those who have a High-school diploma and want to acquire Patternmaking skills to implement their career.

2 years (640 total hours – mandatory attendance)

On Saturday 8 hours daily:
1st Year – 320 total hours
2nd Year – 320 total hours

Students will receive teaching handouts for each course along with paper, cardboard and a kit of useful tools for patternmaking classes such as :a set square, a bradawl and a tape measure.
In patternmaking classes and sewing laboratories, students will have tailors dummies at their disposal and industrial machinery to work on.

Our Faculty consists of highly – qualified professionals, with several years proven experience in Fashion business.
They’re constantly updated on Fashion and Market Trends and New Technologies.

1) EU Citizens and Switzerland Citizens: a copy of Identity Card ; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of diploma or self – certification; a copy of Social Security Number (SSN) /Tax Code.
2) NON EU Citizens: a passport copy and a Student Visa; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of the Social Security Number (SSN) / Tax Code.


Bacis Womenswear Patternmaking – 200 hours
Chart of body proportions (Body measurements) and introduction to anatomy;
project of basic models (dress, skirt, trousers, blazer, woman’s suit);
wearability concept and its applications;
basic apparel corrections: causes and effects.
Creative Womenswear Patternmaking – 160 hours
Garment transformation techniques of basic models approached during the programme;
paper pattern technique for the cutting room and industrialization;
controls and random sampling – inspections.
Womenswear Patternmaking grading – 120 hours
Descending size grading – Grading sizes technique starting with basic European size 42 with no further fitting required;
plus Sizes grading techniques;
creation of basic and creative models related to the programme.
Machinery Production – 160 hours
Machinery training and practice;
placing paper patterns on fabric and quantification of the needed fabric;
marking and cutting methods;
construction of detached parts.
production of clothing samples, meeting the industrial sewing – system requirements.


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