40 hours
Specifications and costs

Headquarter Bologna
Frequency On Saturday
Starting Date

Brief refresher course for patternmaking alumni which will deepen subjects regarding Women’s Outerwear.

The study of outerwear is a necessary update because jackets are the most difficult pieces of clothing to create in the patternmaking field.
This course offers the opportunity to analyse all sorts of problems in transforming procedures, enabling students to acquire more know- how and prestige for their profession.

Alumni who have successfully passed the Patternmaking exams.

40 hours – 5 lessons

On Saturday once a month (8 hours daily)

Students will receive teaching handouts for each course along with paper, cardboard and a kit of useful tools for patternmaking classes such as :a set square, a bradawl and a tape measure.
Some of the classes will be provided with computer facilities.

Our Faculty consists of highly – qualified professionals, with several years proven experience in Fashion business.
They’re constantly updated on Fashion and Market Trends and New Technologies.

1) EU Citizens and Switzerland Citizens: a copy of Identity Card ; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of diploma or self – certification; a copy of Social Security Number (SSN) /Tax Code.
2) NON EU Citizens: a passport copy and a Student Visa; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of the Social Security Number (SSN) / Tax Code.

Brief refresher course for Womenswear Patternmaking Alumni, which offers an in – depth examination of the main issues concerning “Women’s Outerwear”.
The Programme schedules the elaboration of a “woman’s suit base” and a “woman’s blazer base” and their transformations into fashionable, trendy garments.


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