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Padova offers a context of art and production and it’s a privileged city to study fashion. The fashion world is present as an important resource in the area.

The headquarter of Next Fashion School in Padova is waiting for you with:

  • courses for fashion designer
  • courses for patternmaker

and with courses of specializations in industrial manufacturing and courses of CAD.

Studying with Next Fashion School in Padova means learning the highly requested professions of fashion system.

The city of Padova is the base of a prestigious and ancient university, it boasts several artistic and cultural exemplars dating back to a glorious past, which makes it the favourite destination for many tourists from all over the world. 
Nowadays it is an important economic centre, one of the most efficient and largest business centre. Padova is famous town of artistic interest for its Cappella degli Scrovegni with the masterpieces of Giotto, the Basilica of St. Antonio and the old double- walls of the city.

The headquarters of the Next Fashion School is located near the station.

Build your career with us in the fashion system. Discover all the fashion courses at our school in Padova!

Starting fashion courses in Padova

About Next

Company with historical origins dating back to 1934, Centuries Next Fashion School pursues of continuity in the training of professionals in fashion, the same values, the Commendatore Secoli that widespread culture of traditional tailoring and Italian industrial.
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