2 years
Specifications and costs

Headquarter Bologna
Frequency On Saturday
Starting Date
09/03/2024   28/09/2024
Headquarter Ancona
Frequency On Saturday
Starting Date
Headquarter Padova
Frequency On Saturday
Starting Date
09/03/2024   05/10/2024

A Fashion Designer is a creative figure who creates Fashion Collections, mixing a personal style with harmony and a proper balance in shapes.
He determines, inspired by a creative – minded attitude and after a close Market analysis, the final customer’s look and choice by keeping him/her constantly updated through seasonal collections.
He works very closely with the Style and Design Department and interacts with the main professional figures who manage fashion sample – collections in a company.

The Fashion Designer course teaches you how to draw a fashion sketch along with a technical specification chart of the flat drawing and it also enables you to develop a complete fashion collection according to the market requirements and the seasonal fashion trends.
The Fashion Designer course is addressed to creative people who will learn how to manage the whole planning process, starting with a preliminary analysis of the market.

Students must have a High – School Diploma or equivalent. A good knowledge of the Italian language
is required for foreign students.

2 years (320 total hours)

Frequency on Saturday:
1st Year 160 total hours – 8 hours daily every 14 days
2nd Year 160 total hours – 8 hours daily every 14 days

Students will receive teaching handouts for each course and will have free entrance to the Fashion – Trends Library.
Classes will be provided with computer facilities.
Meetings with Professionals and field trips to fashion design exhibitions will enhance students’ educational path.

Our Faculty consists of highly – qualified professionals, with several years proven experience in Fashion business.
They’re constantly updated on Fashion and Market Trends and New Technologies.

1) EU Citizens and Switzerland Citizens: a copy of Identity Card ; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of diploma or self – certification; a copy of Social Security Number (SSN) /Tax Code.
2) NON EU Citizens: a passport copy and a Student Visa; n. 1 digital passport photo; a copy of the Social Security Number (SSN) / Tax Code.


Fashion Drawing (fashion sketch)
Study of human and stylized figure in fashion drawing;
Basic techniques of Fashion Drawing;
Textiles rendering;
Study of color palette;
Study of different types of garment.
Collection 1
Approach to Fashion Trends;
Flat – drawing and technical forms;
Basic structure of a Fashion Collection;
Graphic design / Adobe Photoshop 1
Managing images to realize mood, material and colour layout by setting- up a new document, adjustments,
selections , color selection, color palette, image – merging methods, masks, layers, text tools.


Fashion Design
Stylization of a fashion sketch;
Illustration techniques.
Collection 2
Trend analysis through social, economic and cultural facts;
Creation of Fashion Collections related to different market segments;
Technical specifications.
Graphic design/Adobe Photoshop
Layout set – up and import of the fashion sketch;
different coloring techniques for fashion sketches, textures and patterns;
photo – editing tools;
styles and Filters;
raster and Vector Graphic: differences;
tools: pen and shape;
shape layers and paths


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